Earn money from online affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are great source of online income. It has become the backbone of online marketing. Almost all the companies uses affiliate marketing to promote their products online. They want to reach as many people as they can. Some of them pay pretty good for each sale that is made through affiliate link they provide.

What are Affiliate Programs ?

For those who doesn’t know about affiliate programs let me explain it real quick. Suppose you are surfing through a website and you see an advertisement of a mobile and you want to buy it. You will click on that advertisement and get redirected to website selling mobile. When you make a purchase the website owner ( who was showing advertisement on his/her website ) will get some percentage of total cost. This is sort of commission for the referral made by his/her website. All this comes under affiliate program.

Online Affiliate marketing can be of two types:

  •  Via Advertisement on website.
  •  Via Referral link provided by companies running Affiliate program.

Further expanding these two types:

  • Pay Per Click or PPC : In this type, affiliate is paid when visitor clicks the link and is redirected to merchant’s website. It doesn’t matter if he/she makes a purchase or not the affiliate gets paid just for referring them to merchant’s website.
  • Pay Per Sale or PPS : In PPS affiliate gets paid if visitor makes a purchase. Affiliate gets nothing if visitor doesn’t makes a purchase after being redirected to merchant’s website.
  • Pay Per Lead or PPL : PPL is mostly used when a company needs a visitor to fill some kind of form / registration form. This is known as lead. So if a referred visitor fills the form affiliate gets money otherwise nothing.

Which Affiliate program, PPC or PPS or PPL, is best ?

Now question arises which affiliate program suits you or will make more money. The answer is all of these and none of these. Confused ? Let me explain.

Suppose you have a website made for your facebook fan page. Lets assume further that this fan page is meant for fun and focused on youth brigade. So on this website PPL affiliate program will not earn much. It is because youth is not interested in filling survey form or registration form for banks or financial companies. Here you may use affiliate links from some merchant selling t-shirts with funky look and attractive wordings. So here PPC and PPS is worth more than PPL.

So in short its you who needs to make a decision on basis of main theme behind your website.

How much will i make through Affiliate program ?

There are many factors responsible for total money made via affiliate programs. These are:

  • Amount of potential traffic on your website.
  • Content of your website.
  • Attractive advertisement.
  • Related to content Advertisement.

Wow! I want to be an Affiliate ?

Most of the merchant’s provide affiliate programs via bigger companies such as google, adsplay etc. There are many merchant’s who provide direct affiliate programs. You may mostly find link to their affiliate programs at footer of their website.

I don’t have a website for showing Advertisement.

No problem. All we need to make money is potential traffic. You may use social sites for making money via affiliate links. Read “Make money from facebook pages” to learn more about it.


Thus we now know what affiliate marketing is, its types and how to earn money via it.


Please let me know your thoughts and questions about it via comments.

Happy Earning!

Virender Singh

Virender singh is a web developer who has been freelancing for last 2 years. For last few years he developed various websites on PHP / Wordpress. Now he started blogging to share what he learned from web in last 2 years. He has not undergone any special training for his development skills. He strongly believes that we may learn all the technical things from Mr. Google. Google has been the best tutor for him so far. He has accomplished over 40 projects and got a very good response from clients. To know more about him click here.

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