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Why there are so many pages on Facebook that are posting images / posts after every 30 minute or an hour? Who is having so much time just to entertain people? Ever thought that Facebook might be a good source of earning ?

The basic rule behind making money online is online traffic. If you have ways to send traffic to any website you may earn money. The more traffic you have got more you will earn. So basically Facebook ┬áis source of traffic. Facebook pages are best way to share your website’s links. So when someone clicks on that link he/she is directed to website page. Now that website has advertisement on its pages. So if someone finds any advertisement relevant, to his/her needs, he/she is going to click on that. This results in revenue for website owner. There are a lot of affiliate programs available.

Affiliate programs are the main source of online revenue generation. The best advertisement program is provided by Google known as Google-adsense. You may sign up for many affiliate programs available online if you fulfill their minimum criteria.

So now the question arises is. Is a website compulsory to earn from Facebook ? And the answer is no. Thank god! there are various websites that provides you a way to earn without any website. They provide you a link i.e affiliate link. This link can be shared on your page and when user clicks this link payment is transferred to your account. The amount they pay is in cents. So to earn more you should have a Facebook page with more users.

A few affiliate program providers are:-


So in short we may say that if you have a lot of users on your Facebook page you may earn more. Its not easy to get likes on Facebook. You have to work very hard on it. Money can’t be made easily. You should provide unique content to your users to increase likes. So work hard on it. Happy earning!



Virender Singh

Virender singh is a web developer who has been freelancing for last 2 years. For last few years he developed various websites on PHP / Wordpress. Now he started blogging to share what he learned from web in last 2 years. He has not undergone any special training for his development skills. He strongly believes that we may learn all the technical things from Mr. Google. Google has been the best tutor for him so far. He has accomplished over 40 projects and got a very good response from clients. To know more about him click here.

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